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You might remember, back in those halcyon days of two weeks ago, that we made a wager with Alex Balk, editor of angry sister site Gawker and Tigers fan, that whoever's team lost the World Series would have to take over the other's site for a day. (We know you remember this, because Gawker's comment section has never been more active than it has been for the last few days. Which is beautiful, by the way.)


Well, it's payup time: Tomorrow, Mr. Balk will be your humble editor around these parts, and even though there's a part of us that wonders how winning the bet means not doing our site for a day — this is our first day off since February, and we don't plan on taking any more for a while — the day has come. Tomorrow, Mr. Balk — with assistance, as always, from the vastly underrated Rick Chandler — will be your Deadspin editor. Expect plenty of references to Matt Lauer, the Meatpacking District, Greg Lindsay and all kinds of people who wear extravagant hats. So we hope you're ready.

We're gonna spend out day off outside enjoy nature and maybe taking in a museum or something ... naw, who are we kidding, we're just gonna watch Game 5 over and over. But anyway, enjoy Mr. Balk's handiwork — you should email him with your tips at the address — and after a couple more posts today, we'll see you Wednesday. We hope the place is still standing.

A Friendly Wager, If You Will [Deadspin]

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