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Tiny Elite School Dominates Tiny Elitist Sport

Trinity College in Connecticut won its 11th straight national title on Sunday, extending their consecutive match winning streak to an unconscionable 202 straight, a feat that would much more impressive if anyone cared about squash.

Squash, of course, is a sport designed by snooty rich kids who think that racquetball isn't complicated enough. I honestly have no idea how the game is played or what makes for a "good" squash player—I don't think I've ever even seen a squash court in person—but 202 is an awfully high number, even if every single one of those victories seems to have come against Princeton.


Even in the old school prep world of New England society, very few schools even offer squash, and Division III Trinity is one of the few that can recruit and offer financial aid to players from overseas, where squash is apparently all the rage. So basically they've bent the rules to beat up on Ivy Leaguers for eleven solid years and it's pretty hard not to feel good about that.

Trinity men's squash wins its 11th straight national title, 202 straight wins [ESPN]

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