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Title-Winning High School Football Coach Freaks Out On Players After Ice Bath

Gif: YouTube

Randy Dreiling, head football coach at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, Kansas, guided the Saints to the first state championship in program history on Saturday. After the 49-28 victory, the Saints, in return, guided their coach into (apparently) his first-ever ice bath in coaching history. Dreiling’s experience was captured hilariously by Wichita Eagle photojournalist Travis Heying.

No. 77 hoisted and tipped the bucket, but No. 3 got the brunt of Dreiling’s ire, judging by video of the bath, which mostly missed its target anyway.

In an on-field interview with the Eagle, a dry-looking Dreiling gives a good-natured interview about the team’s previous struggles in championship games, his defensive line, his play-calling. While the coach is still caught in a nostalgic half-smile after thanking all the previous Saints teams who fell short in their titles hopes, the interviewer asks, “Still not a fan of the ice bath?”


The light goes out in Dreiling’s eyes. His voice goes as cold as the waters that once made him so red and mad: “No, not a fan of the ice bath. No, nobody ever gives me ice baths. That was a bad deal.”

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