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TMZ: Keyshawn Johnson Chased Down Justin Bieber For Driving Too Fast

Where even to begin with this one? "BIEBER VS. KEYSHAWN: INTENSE SHOWDOWN At Singer's Mansion." Bieber. Versus. Keyshawn. Intense showdown. It's tabloid Christmas, thanks to TMZ. And it gets even better.

The fight concerned Bieber's reckless driving habits. Keyshawn and the Bieb encountered one another in their California gated community on Sunday night, when Bieber's Ferrari sped past Keyshawn's Prius. Keyshawn had a baby in back, and he wouldn't stand for it. He chased down the Bieb and blocked his car in. But he couldn't get the Bieb to answer his door. So he called the cops, and he wasn't alone in doing so. Apparently Bieber has irritated all of his neighbors with his driving, as punk kids tend to.


The bigger surprise here is that Keyshawn Johnson drives a Prius with his kid in back. How did he turn into an average fortysomething dad?

UPDATE: Eric Dickerson has weighed in.

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