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To The Buzzsaw Rescue ... Vinny!

Illustration for article titled To The Buzzsaw Rescue ... Vinny!

The locker room of The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals is looking like it might be turning a little bit more funky: The jam master that is Vinny might be back in town.


The Cardinals are giving Vinny Testaverde a tryout today to serve as the backup for Kurt Warner. Awesome.

The Cardinals would have a 1-2 quarterback combination with a combined age approaching 80. Warner is 36, and Testaverde turns 44 on Nov. 13.

Cardinals starting center Al Johnson, who played with Testaverde with the Dallas Cowboys during the 2004 season, says he's be a valuable addition. "Vinny's a real pro, he's as strong as an ox, and he's probably one of my favorite guys I've ever been around, just because of the way he handles himself, whether things were going good or things were going bad," Johnson said.


Testaverde is competing with Tim Rattay for the backup job, and we're gonna think if Rattay can't beat out Vinny, he'll probably just make it official and retire. But seriously, folks: Vinny Testaverde backing up Kurt Warner! Leinart, no offense, man ... but we're not gonna miss you at all.

Cardinals To Look At Two Veteran Quarterbacks [Arizona Republic]

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