Today In Great Ledes And Accounts Of Recidivism

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When Heather Lockwood got to work at the Petoskey News yesterday, she likely had no idea that Freeze Plus P-wielding superhero Mark Wayne Williams was about to swoop into her life. But that's the thing with the Dark Knight. You never know where he is until it's too late. He's already got you. Just ask Danny DeVito about the time he painted himself like the SeaWorld San Diego mascot and started waddling about town all hopped up on Limoncello.

Anyway, here's the lede of her account of said life entry:

A 31-year-old Harbor Springs man who, police say, was on the roof of Meyer Ace Hardware in downtown Petoskey, dressed as Batman, and, who was arrested early Wednesday morning for trespassing and possession of dangerous weapons, has been arraigned.


Of course there's much more to the story. You are hereby implored to read it. But know this much before you pass judgment: Lockwood did her due Lois Lane diligence and found MWW had some history about which she had to report:

"We've had contact with him in the past where he's made himself up to look like that Crow character, who's also a comic book character," Public safety director John Calabrese said, though he could not provide any further details.


Bane never had a chance.

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