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Today In Police Intervention At Sporting Events

Courtesy of Puck Daddy, Daniel Rahimi of Rogel scored the game-winner in OT and, like all good villains, "shhh"-ed the crowd. The AIK fans took offense and expressed their disapproval by trying to fight the Rogel coaching staff.

As a result, the league might fine the team or do that thing where they play in an empty stadium and everyone pretends like the fans are being taught a valuable lesson.


Then, thanks to Out of Bounds, we travel to Brazil and stop in on a game between Genus and Moto Clube. Genus' Robson ticked off the referee with a poorly executed tackle and was given a red card. He talked a little smack to the ref; ref called the police. The next thing you know, the riot squad is macing people left and right.

My Portuguese is rusty, but I think that fan was saying that the mace made it a lot harder for his band of thieving orphans to hustle the crowd.

Video: Fan invades bench, attacks coach in Swedish hockey [Puck Daddy]

How about a little mace, Brazilian soccer player? [Out of Bounds]

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