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Today In Sportscenter Fashion: Now Showing — Hannah And Her Sisters

In which we examine the occasionally controversial wardrobe choices on everyone's favorite morning serial. In this installment, Hannah Storm.

Get the crash cart ready at Sibley Memorial; Tony K's going to be in critical condition after seeing this. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Oh, Hannah. Did the strapping young grocery bagger refer to you as "ma'am?" Is that why you're doing this to us? Why must you express your complete control over your sexuality this early in the day?

This is all working for Hannah, and she'd be the first one to point that out. The accentuation of her slender shoulders, the strategically placed opening that offers a glimpse of her suprasternal notch (sorta-NSFW The English Patient references!), and yes, it doesn't hurt that you can definitely see her bra through the presumably fine fabric (linen? silk? a 70/30 ratio cotton-poly blend?). Hannah, you're giving Unfaithful-era Diane Lane a serious run for Bill Simmons's boner. This is a great blouse for Hannah, a great blouse for anyone. Don't even get me started on the playful earrings.

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