Todd Bozeman Is Disappointed In Your Selection Of Deli Meat

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We had to hold this story until the end of the day, because we can't stop laughing about it. Remember Todd Bozeman, the former California Golden Bears basketball coach who was fired and banned by the NCAA for eight years for paying a recruit's family $30,000. Well he's back coaching again, at Morgan State University, and he's apparently become rather suspicious of sandwiches containing pork products.

Police were called to Mulligan's restaurant near the Longwood campus to handle the resulting uproar, and a restaurant employee swore out a warrant against Bozeman alleging misdemeanor assault. "The coach . . . just went belligerent, screaming that he didn't want ham sandwiches," the manager of Mulligan's, Carlos Holland, said last night. "He put his hands on one of our managers . . . just grabbed her and shook her."

Holland said an assistant coach for the Morgan State team had ordered 52 sandwiches, requesting Philly steak or chicken. Holland explained that they couldn't handle 52 Philly steak sandwiches but could put together a variety of sandwiches, and the assistant coach told him to do what he could. When Bozeman arrived to pick up the sandwiches, he was apparently angry about the selection of ham and turkey sandwiches, Holland said. "He yelled, 'I ain't scared of you country bumpkins. I want my . . . money back!'"


To be fair, Bozeman's team had just blown a 10-point lead in the last 10 minutes in a last-second loss to Longwood. Now that we've been fair, Todd Bozeman is obviously insane. That, or perhaps his previous malfeasance was alerted to authorities by a pig and he has henceforth developed a rather serious aversion to ham. Hey, it happens!

Coach Faces Warrant In Judgment [Times Dispatch] (thanks to Philadelphia Will Do for the heads up)