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Early in the fourth quarter of today’s Patriots-Titans game, New England ran a wide receiver passing play where Julian Edelman threw a six-yard pass to an open Tom Brady. While it wasn’t a repeat of the infamous Super Bowl blunder—Brady actually caught the ball—the New England quarterback showed that his ability to get yards after the catch wasn’t on par with the average NFL receiver.

Brady’s fourth-down attempt would be incomplete on the next play and the drive would end in a turnover-on-downs. The Titans decided to seize the moment to press their boots on the Patriots’ necks. They called a near-identical passing play where Darius Jennings threw a pass to Marcus Mariota. Unlike New England’s play, however, Tennessee’s yielded significantly better results—a 21-yard completion and a touchdown at the end of the drive.

We knew that as Brady began to reach the twilight years of his career he’d be in more games where he’d get outplayed by younger guys, but receiving is not the area where we thought that would happen.


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