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Life's tough for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The number of women who jump in front of traffic for him his cumbersome, $50 bills don't burn nearly as well as $100 ones and, hey, those rings are heavy. And now he's sick of being known as a golden boy. In an interview in the upcoming GQ, Brady confesses that he's just a regular guy and is even into porn.

"I hate that golden boy image," Brady tells writer David Kamp. "I don't look at myself that way at all! For me to believe I can't do anything wrong — I think that's all bullshit. I'm 27 years old, I go do the same shit every 27-year-old guy does, I mean, I drink, I ..."

"Search the Internet for porn?" Kamp inquires.

"Everything," Brady declares, "I am no different."

Maybe this is supposed to, like, humanize him or something. We're not sure. But we hope he's not in danger of Carlos Zambrano disease.


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