Tom Brady says Julian Edelman didn’t retire, 'He’s just scared to tell Bill he wants to come to Tampa'

Is this for real?
Is this for real?
Image: Getty Images

Ah, now that makes sense.

On NFL Draft-A-Thon last night, an effort to support COVID-19 relief recovery, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady casually joked about former long-time teammate Julian Edelman’s recent retirement.


Hours after Edelman posted the above photo on Twitter, photoshopping himself onto the infamous Brady NFL Combine photo, the seven-time Super Bowl champ was on the stream at one point with Kay Adams, Michael Strahan, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Deion Sanders. As Edelman joined, Sanders said, “I love everything about Tom, but I cannot believe he let his guy retire without taking a shot at it to come to Tampa.”

Brady smirked, lifted a finger to interject, but Sanders powered on.

“I just wanted to see one more pass, man. Just one more pass!”

Brady, now smiling, assures Sanders on the Zoom, “We know Edelman didn’t retire, let’s be honest.”

Sanders smiled, and Brady continued.

“He’s just too scared to tell Bill [Belichick] he wants to come to Tampa. I’ve been there,” he said, earning laughs from Sanders, Strahan, and Adams.


Edelman cut Brady’s ass right back. “I see it’s spring time for the Bradys because he’s got his little sailing stripes on while enjoying that wonderful weather out in Florida.”

Hart, putting on his “PRESS” hat, pressed Edelman asking if he’s actually retired or if he’s ‘doing the Gronk,’ as Brady nodded.


Edelman replied, “Oh, man, it’s always great to have someone that’s shorter than you.”

So, he didn’t quite say he’s retired for good? Hmm 🤔.

Edelman, who turns 35 in late May, and Brady, who will be 44 in August, were teammates from 2009 to 2020, winning three Super Bowls together. With 1,036 career targets and 689 catches, Edelman is Brady’s most trusted receiver of his over 20-year-career.