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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Make of this what you will, but there is a yet-to-be-confirmed rumour floating out there that Tom Brady's foot injury may be worse than he's been letting on. Like, "out for four games" worse. From NFL Juice:

This just in. We’ve received news from a reliable news source, that would like to remain anonymous (initials E.B. who is a writer for the _______ News), that Tom Brady will likely be missing between two and four weeks of the regular season.


Apparently the last tip this guy gave was "balls on", so now I don't know what to believe. And while this may be true, it's equally plausible that NFL Juice came up with this simply to mess with the guy holding the number one pick in their fantasy draft. All I know is that the last time I took a tip from a guy named E.B., I ended up buying a worthless gold claim in a fledgling South Dakota Mining Community. BREAKING: Tom Brady to miss 2-4 games? [NFL Juice]

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