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Tom Brady's Sperm Is Clutch

Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady have been broken up for a while, but a few months ago, she gave him time to set up in the pocket, and he delivered. Moynahan is pregnant, and the baby, according to various reports, is Tom Brady's. The fetus has already been offered several scholarships.

I don't know that Tom will be particularly thrilled with the news. He may not consider Bridget his intended receiver. Tom has been dating supermodel Giselle Bundchen for a while now, and now will have to deal with baby mama drama.


Fortunately, Tom Brady isn't the only NFL quarterback out there Kemping ladies up. He can always turn to Matt Leinart for advice on pretending to be happy about pregnancies that you probably wish never happened. You wouldn't think that Brady, at this stage of his career, would be turning to the young Leinart for help, but Leinart's so mature for his age.

She Probably Did It On Purpose! [Perez Hilton]

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