Tom Chambers Charged With Assault For Roughing Up Belligerent Jerk

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Former NBA star Tom Chambers was charged with two counts of assault this week in Arizona, related to an April incident in Scottsdale where he roughed up a shitbag youth who allegedly said some very rude things to him while he was dining out.

Witnesses told police the other patron, Alexander Bergelt, began to take verbal jabs at Tom including, “You’re not shit,” “You’re tall and scrawny” and “Look at your big head.”

Tom told police the final straw came when Bergelt said, “Your mom should have killed you when you came out of the womb as ugly as you are, your arms are skinny, your chest is this. Your belly is big.”

Chambers was a four-time NBA All-Star in his 16-year professional career. Yes, a significant reason for blogging this is as an excuse to once again marvel at the signature highlight of Chambers’s career, when he dunked Mark Jackson into the land of wind and ghosts:

Having gotten that out of our system—eat it, Jackson, you grump—let us return to the matter at hand. Neither man was arrested after the altercation, but both men have now been charged, with Bergelt getting hit with disorderly conduct for his terrible rudeness.