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Tom Jackson Is An Insane Person

Okay, so here's Tom Jackson saying he picked New England this weekend to motivate the Jets. When did Jackson become a fucking nutbar?

I used to be like pretty much every other football fan way back when who watched NFL Primetime to get caught up on all the games from Sunday. I liked Tom Jackson. I liked the pirate music. Hell, I even liked Berman at one point. Then Berman grew insufferable, Stuart Scott was allowed to shit all over the highlights, and I abandoned that highlight show in favor of drinking and not giving a shit. I hardly think about Tom Jackson anymore, except for two instances from the past:

1. When Limbaugh was on the ESPN set for two minutes and said that thing about Donovan McNabb, and then they cut to Jackson, who looked like he wanted to rape Limbaugh and cry while doing it, because raping Rush Limbaugh would be so horrible yet so justified.

2. When Tom Jackson said all the Patriots players hated Bill Belichick, and then the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

That would be the beginning and end of it. But now there's this.

"[Sunday] I played a bit of a psychological game with the Jets. It's something that I need to explain. I thought that more important to the Jets than hearing another score of '24-21, they have a chance to win,' was that it was important that they have in their mind, 'you got beat 45 to 3. A large segment of the population believes that can happen to you again.'

"[The Jets] are all watching [ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown before the game]. I wanted to further fuel and cement them in that bunker mentality of us against the world...

"... As a defensive player, I certainly knew that they had a chance to win and I thought that they certainly might win the game. But I knew when they saw 30-10 that I think they would be reminded of what most people were feeling. And I knew they needed to be a little angrier going on the field."

What the fuck? Really? Does anyone believe the Jets gave that much of a shit what Tom Jackson thought about this game, even with Bart Scott going nuts afterwards about it? I don't even know that Tom Jackson's inner psyche really gives a shit what he thought of the game. It's a prediction. It's one of four billion out there. Do you really think you played that much of a role in the outcome? Sweet fucking Christ, man. You've been around Berman for too long. Get your head unfucked, Tommy.

UPDATE: Here's Jackson saying he made up the motivation story because he was so shocked at Bart Scott being mad at him, and that his picks are way genuine. And... you have no credibility ever again. FUN!

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