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Big ups to Sports By Brooks, which has unearthed a gem of an audio clip: Our pal Tommy Lasorda absolutely freaking out on a radio host for, uh, pointing out that he was sleeping during a baseball game earlier this year.


You really have to just listen to the clip. Go ahead. We'll wait here.

All right, first off, Lasorda is clearly out of his mind (oh, and still really into porn.) Even he has no idea what he's talking about. But along those lines, the victim of his aggression, radio sidekick Mark Willard, sort of betrays himself a bit here too, with his immediate backing down and apologies to the crazy old bat on the other end of his telephone. We mean, Tommy Lasorda is a toddering old man who seems to barely know where he is anymore. No need to apologize: Just wait the man out, and pretty soon he'll start screaming about how he once ate pasta off the left breast of Angie Dickinson. It's Lasorda!


But we don't mean to sound so "smart," and we apologize

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