Tommy Lasorda's Flight Reading

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The Best Sports Blog directs our attention to a message board post from a guy who claims to have had a bizarre run-in with former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda at LAX on Friday morning. Allotting for the fact that it's from a guy who claims he just went to a Collective Soul concert, and with the standard "we have no idea if it's true or not" caveats, it's still a most amusing story we can't help but share with you here. A highlight:

So as I walk in the Hudson News Stand, he had me beat by about 40 seconds.

Tommy is picking out his "porn magazine selection" SO I say to myself, Do not go up and say anything when the man is checking out Porn, which was hilarious in itself.

SO I walk by him, and kind of waited for him to move on, and he does, but in the time he is moving on, he folds the porn mag up in a roll, as to I guess be descreet.

The best part is what Lasorda ultimately does with the porn mag ... but we'll leave that one for you. Sometimes we wonder if this site should just be all Lasorda, all the time.

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