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Photo: Michael Steele (Getty)

The angles at which soccer games are broadcast can often make free-kick opportunities look much simpler than they actually are. From way up in the sky, the wall of defenders looks much less imposing, the distance from ball to goal much more manageable, and the target much easier to hit.


I don’t think anyone who watched Saturday’s game between Germany and Sweden, from any angle, would argue that what Toni Kroos did to win the game in the dying moments was easy, but sometimes you need to see things from an alternate angle in order to truly appreciate them:

Look at that shit!


Kroos truly had nothing to aim at. The keeper’s alignment showed maybe two feet of daylight at the far post, Sweden’s wall was right there ready to knock down any shot that was too low, and he had a defender rushing right at him as he made his kick. The margin for error here was non-existent, and Kroos responded by placing and bending an absolutely perfect strike. I doubt we’ll see a better shot this summer.

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