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From all accounts, Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy is as honorable a man as you'll find in the world of sports, revered by many and respected by all. He has, of course, also had his suffered his fair share of personal tragedy as well.


He is also a God-fearing man, which is also worthy of respect. Though it's possible that he just doesn't know what the Indiana Family Institute stands for. They're the organization hosting a fundraiser with Dungy in March, and, as has been pointed out, is one of the more vehemently anti-gay groups in the country. (The group's motto is Persuading Minds And Changing Hearts, which sounds like a surgical procedure, actually.)

Clearly, Dungy has more important matters on his brain right now than a fundraiser in two months — or the IFI's poor punctuation of the collective possessive — but, well, we wonder how much former commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his gay son would have cared for this.

Of course, the men still love Tony, no matter what he stands for.


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