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Tony Mandarich Demands That You Say Cheese

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Wondering what Tony Mandarich has been been up to lately? We know you have. Well, thanks to the investigative work of Steroid Nation, we know: He's running his own photography business.

Imagine, for a moment, gathering your family together for a wedding and having Tony freaking Mandarich taking your pictures. Tony sums up the business for us.

"I've always had a passion for photography," says Tony Mandarich, "and after Char and I were married in 2004, we decided to devote our full-time professional pursuit to creating a totally new concept in commercial photography." Adds Char," Commercial, advertising and lifestyle photography are a natural fit for our background and knowledge. The creativity, enthusiasm, and rapport that our team approach offers sets us apart from other commercial and lifestyle photographers in Arizona. When working with MANDARICH PHOTOGRAPHY, each client is offered a full range of services, from the shoot through image selection & post-production into finished web and print images."


Of course, we hope you don't mind, but sometimes if you don't pose exactly right, we'll lose our minds and throw you through the wedding cake.

By the way, Tony is working on a memoir about his life in the NFL. Should be gripping, compelling and rich.

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