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When we profiled umpire Tony Randazzo last year, we noted he had an "aggressive attitude." That aggression was on display tonight in New York, as the ump blew a call with two outs in the ninth inning, tossed Mike Aviles from the game after it was already over, then taunted Indians skipper Terry Francona.


The end result was a 4-3 win for the Yanks and a very angry Mike Aviles, whose checked swing on the first pitch of the game's final out was erroneously called a strike when Randazzo believed it to have been fouled off. When Aviles protested after a fly out to end the game, Randazzo gave him a meaningless heave-ho; Francona joined in the verbal fray, only to be shouted down by the arrogant arbitrator. It was enough to leave Cleveland's announcing team at a loss for words. [STO/YES]

Update:MLB made us take down the video we edited to show everything that happened. Here's the full audio of the aftermath from STO, and pay close attention to the end because that's where you'll hear what Randazzo says to Terry Francona.


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