Tony Romo Could Play Sunday Despite Two Fractures In His Back

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Cowboys fans dreading the prospect of 67-year-old Brandon Weeden starting Sunday still have some hope. According to Todd Archer of ESPN, Tony Romo might start this weekend, even after suffering two fractured transverse process in his back against Washington on Monday.

The transverse process is a small bone at the tip of the vertebrae, so it's not exactly like Romo is going out there with the injuries Batman suffered at the knee of Bane. But coupled with the back surgeries Romo required before this season (said to be unrelated to the current problem), this is some pretty cagey stuff from the beleaguered quarterback. No one can really question this guy's toughness, although his judgment remains another story.


Romo will face another challenge after the game, as Dallas is scheduled to play in London on Nov. 9. According to Archer, Romo's practices during the London week will be closely monitored in part because of the possibility that the long flight adds more stress to his back. If Romo's back is sore after transatlantic flight, one can only imagine what it feels like after an NFL game.

Photo Via AP