So Tony Romo was pretty great yesterday. (He's a pretty great quarterback.) Tasked with being nearly the entire Cowboys offense—55 designed pass plays to just eight handoffs—Romo made just one mistake against the Vikings, a fourth quarter INT, that simply set up a game-winning drive. But that's no fun. Here's video of Romo being a pest.

How many tens of thousands of words were written on Romo's failing at the end of an otherwise spectacular game against the Broncos last month? How few bothered to point out that last week, Romo went tit for tat with Matthew Stafford on a career day for the Lions QB? Is anyone outside the Metroplex bothering to note that Romo ran a pitch-perfect 90-yard game-winning drive in 2:10 yesterday? Not us, because Romo nudged the ball with his foot while the officials were measuring for a first down.

Did you know Romo's in the top five in passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, and passer rating in the NFL this year? Not if you read this post, because we'd rather show you Romo cheaty-cheat-cheating like a big cheater. (Or just having a little fun. It's hard to tell, because he's so un-clutch.)