Tony Romo, Who Is Not Fat: I'm Not Fat

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The Dallas Cowboys had to deal with a controversy last week when a photo made quarterback Tony Romo look fat.

The hubbub started when Dallas Morning News reporter Jon Machota took a picture of Romo Thursday as he jogged in for training camp. The QB’s shape appeared to be Lorenzen-esque:


Could it be? Had Romo turned to dough-mo? The Cowboys might find a way to collapse for some currently inconceivable reason, but it won’t be because of Romo’s weight:

Romo, who is not fat, talked about the photo yesterday:

“I think I have gone through enough criticism in my career that that is the least of my worries,” Romo said with a smile Monday while speaking to the media for the first time since the opening of training camp. “Granted, if I was that big, we would have to have some talks. But I think I will be all right.”


This is your reminder that the true purposes of NFL training camp are to determine if a player got chunky in the offseason and overreact every time a quarterback throws a bad interception.