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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Top Fuel Dragster Explodes, Showers Track With Shrapnel, Leaves Driver Unscathed

Upon reaching the finish line in something called the NHRA "Winternationals" today, Antron Brown was going around 300 mph when his 8,000 horsepower engine exploded, causing his two back tires to also explode. He then lost control of the car as it burst into flames and careened into the wall. It then bounced off the wall, continued to drift across the track—still on fire—sliding against another wall before coming to a halt in a sand-filled safety zone. Brown was pulled out of the car and able to walk off the track under his own control so it's OK to rubberneck.

Top Fuel champ survives fiery crash at NHRA opener [USA Today]

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