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Torrey Smith Has Been Interning For His Local Congressman

This is Torrey Smith embarking on his first day as a public servant.

Smith, as you would imagine with a professional athlete, is a hyper-motivated individual. Excited to make a difference and keep himself busy during his off-season down time, Smith asked Baltimore's director of player development for some options. He wound up with an internship at Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings's office for the month of March.


Look at that picture: so full of life and optimism. Ready to make a real difference in the community, the country and who knows, maybe even the world.

“I was handling files, reading letters, relaying them, typing up what sponsors say, printing stuff,” Smith said. “I was the office guy.”


“It was fun though,” Smith said with a laugh. “I enjoyed it.”

"Congressional Intern" looks great on a resume, at least.

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