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Travis Henry Is One Stoned Strategist

Travis Henry has long since shown his particular skill at innovation, siring seven children with seven women, which is not easy to do even if you are trying. And now he's dealing with the positive drug test the NFL made him take by suing the NFL.

Henry fired the first salvo in the case Sept. 20 when he attempted to get a restraining order in Suffolk County Supreme Court to block the NFL from using a urine specimen against him and to stop the league from disclosing the test results.

Court papers filed in the state court action couldn't be reviewed late Thursday, and Henry's attorney Robert Dapelo of Patchogue declined comment. But papers filed by the NFL on Monday in federal court suggested that Henry may have failed the test because the documents stated that Henry was trying to stop the league from testing his specimen and "suspending from his employment with the NFL."


Bronco Talk points out that Henry, if he were that desperate for the ganja, could have just waited a week and then smoked up after his test, which he should have known was coming. Alas. At least he's a little less fertile now; well, if he didn't pick out the seeds, anyway.

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