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Travis Kelce Was Pissed

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has mostly avoided earning himself a reputation as a hothead or a malcontent, this despite his willingness to do things like throw a towel at an official and do jerkoff motions on the field (I don’t think you need me to tell you exactly how Kelce has avoided such labels), but last night offered a national audience the chance to see Kelce in his angriest element.

The big tight end’s temper boiled over late in the third quarter, when he allowed himself to be baited into a personal foul by Ross Cockrell. The Steelers corner gave Kelce a light shove on the back at the end of a play, and Kelce responded like this:


That cost the Chiefs 15 yards, and they would end up settling for a field goal on the drive. He would go on to make two big catches on the Chiefs’ final drive of the game, only to see their chance at tying things up thwarted by a holding penalty on a two-point conversion attempt. That penalty, called on tackle Eric Fisher, kept the score at 18-16, and the Chiefs never saw the ball again.

Kelce was irate about the holding penalty after the game, and told reporters that the official who made the call shouldn’t be allowed to wear a uniform ever again, and shouldn’t even be allowed to work in a “fucking Foot Locker.”

In all honestly, that Foot Locker burn was pretty good.

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