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Trent Boras Will Probably Be The Most Disappointing Major Leaguer Of Scott Boras's Career

Major League Baseball is merciful enough to not force its annual three-day draft onto us in the form of a television package deal with weeping grandmothers and incarcerated fathers. For that, we are grateful. But we'll admit that it would have made for great television to see Scott Boras react to Bud Selig's old club taking his son Trent in the draft today.


The Milwaukee Brewers picked Trent, a high school third basemen, in the 30th round (which presents that awkward moment when your new teammate is one of the many reasons you grew up filthy rich). The younger Boras will likely play for USC next year (quoth Barry: "Of course it's USC."), and according to Brewers scouting director Bruce Seid, he is a "good player":

...he's a left-handed hitter who makes contact, he's pretty good with the glove at third base. Just like any high school kid, he's got to develop. Trent will be playing professional baseball — if not this year, definitely in years to come.

That's very nice, but can he do this?

Another young Boras, the elder Shane, is a current player for USC and has not yet been selected in this year's draft. But we do anticipate eventually being treated to that awkward moment when father Boras will have to negotiate deals for his boys ("but Shane always gets the bigger signing bonus!"). But take a Don Draper pro tip: In the team presentations, just include baby pictures and wax about the importance of family and the American Dream. Should be a breeze.


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