Washington OT Trent Williams claims that umpire Roy Ellison called him a "garbage ass" and "disrespectful motherfucker" at some point late in the first quarter of the game against the Eagles.

According to CSN's Rob Carlin, Williams identified Ellison by number—81—and said he was dealing with chatter from the refs all day, but Ellison apparently took it up a notch when he approached the Washington line as they were about to run a play and let Williams know how he felt about him.

Williams mentions that the NFL is a players' league and that they shouldn't have to take that kind of behavior from the team and the referees.

We don't know what it was that Williams said or, for that matter, if Ellison actually called him a "disrespectful motherfucker" and "garbage ass," but we soon might.


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[CSN Washington]