So many of you sent in photos capturing Leitch's brief cameo on YES (photos sent via computer of a TV screen on which a writer is staring at a computer screen) that we decided to make a pretty gallery. Enjoy!

"Hi, I'm sure you'll be inundated with this tonight, but Michael Kay was talking about the Yankees' writers at the start of the 7th inning of tonight's game, and they showed a wide shot of the various beat/newspaper/etc. writers. Of course, the one writer they focused on in particular for his own shot was your own Will Leitch. For what it's worth, here's a screengrab. Thanks." (Kevin L.)

"Apologies (especially if this isn't a tip or 'news'), here's a pic without my lamp in the background. Will sure does look surly, though. Thanks again." (Kevin L.)


"Top of the seventh in the Yanks/Rays game and the YES camera guys are doing the thousand monkeys shot of the press box. They pick the emeritus to represent the horde. I'm guessing this'll now get glanced over in the game coverage tomorrow morning and that you've received this picture about a dozen times. Just thought it was worth getting on the record." (Matthew L.)

"Michael kay and john flaherty discussing how writers have come a long way since typewriters and word processors and the camera panned to this lovely gentleman and his beautiful mac, thought it was worth a picture and a tip." (bigricks)


"They showed will when talking about 'real' sportwriters working the game. He has nice seats close to the exit I guess. I'm sure someone has a better shot but that's him." (Patrick)


"YES Network cameo." (Kevin B.)

"holy shit, they just showed will on the yankees game, writing on his macbook from the press box. it had to be him. 9:09 pm, start of the 7th. please make this front page." (Eric M., photo by knickedge123)