Troy Aikman Screams Along To The "Music"

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Troy Aikman, the man who can unite both Skip Bayless and Brandon Lloyd, sees Brady Quinn's hanging out with Bret Michaels and just guffaw. He hangs out with THE Hannah Montana.

Everybody's favorite Cowboy spent his evening last night with his daughters swooning at a Hannah Montana concert. Whoever that is.

Yep, there was Mr. Aikman, smack in the middle of a pack of shrieking girls in the front row of a Hannah Montana concert. (No, he wasn't caught singing along. But wouldn't that have been spectacular?)

But hey, he was just like thousands of other parents who braved the crowd and the distressing lack of parking to give their offspring an Event to Remember. To paraphrase one of Miley's many hits, it was Kids' Night Out.


We know he was there with his kids, and it's all good and kind of funny we guess ... but man, we can't get the image of Aikman surrounded by 50,000 screaming teenager girls out of our head. It must be similar to one game with Joe Buck!

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