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Troy Hennum, The Softball Coach Who Used His Players To Pick Up Girls, Has A Side Job Handicapping Sports

We told you on Friday about Troy Hennum the newly-hired and quickly-fired softball coach at Roosevelt high school in Seattle. He used his athletes to help score him dates with other girls in a self-described "genius" use of his coaching position. He was also let go from a previous position for sending inappropriate texts to a player.

The world is not all bad beats for Troy Hennum, however. It seems he's got a pretty sweet gig picking games—$100 for a week of picks—under the pseudonym "Troy West." In fact, he's "rockin' it" at his website and even "crushed it in the bowl games."

If, for some reason, you don't trust Troy West maybe some celebrity endorsements will convince you. You've already seen Shooter McGavin and Benjamin Franklin above, what say you to Huskies legend Dave Hoffman?


Hoffman not doing it for you? What about Ty Willingham?

Or Brent Barry?


Channing Frye?


Maybe it's not who he knows, but the access he has. Like, look at this killer view from section 440 of Sun Life Stadium for the BCS title game.


Who are we kidding, it's the access and the names. Spencer Hawes and Jason Terry!


h/t Alex

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