Tuesday Night Fights: A.J. Daulerio On Why You Must Dress "Slutty, Sexy" To Avoid A Beatdown In Southwest Philly

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "HOOD FIGHTS|At the Club Sikira in Philadelphia, PA (women edition)." Tonight's commentator: Deadspin Editor Emeritus A.J. Daulerio. (Coming next week: The Fremont Street Experience)

Amid all the usually WATUPBITCH shenanigans we can only conclude that this disagreement began over wardrobe; specifically, why on earth would the short-haired woman dare step foot into Club Sikira so smartly dressed?

According to one Yelp reviewer at Sikira, the "women dressed so slutty, sexy I was at a lost for word." This woman is not dressed "slutty, sexy," and it's not surprising that once she stepped foot inside the bathroom wearing such drab colors and a pencil skirt, she was attacked.

Those choices, naturally, result in a beatdown by not one, but two women, one of whom is wearing only a black bodysuit. (She, obviously, got the memo about Sakira's wardrobe.)

Hair-pulling commences, as the woman in blue with the pink extensions and her bodysuited cohort control our little miss go-getter quite ably. They push her head into the mirror above the sink several times, stunning her, but she's unbowed. There is a little resistance, but it's tough for the go-getter to gain footing and control, even though her opponent's braids seem easily yankable.

It's more challenging since the woman in the bodysuit keeps up a steady flurry of rabbit-punches to her head throughout. I believe I heard someone yell something about "breath stinks," which may be another clue as to why this fight broke out to begin with. Perhaps it's an argument over the last mint from the bathroom attendant, or plaque build-up—a total toss-up at this point.

More shoving, this time into the electronic hand dryer, and then a few more rabbit-punches and head-shoving into the wall from the bodysuited enforcer. Our go-getter's outfit is now completely ruined, her top is open, form-fitting bra on display. But before there is actual blood or boobs, men enter the fray and separate them.

Let this be a lesson to all those who plan to enter Club Sakira: dress sexy-slutty or risk serious injury since the dress-code appears to be strictly enforced by its patrons.


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