Tuesday Night Fights: A Referendum On Styles

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Future lead Ustawka, walka na ulicy, Street Fight

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Ustawka, walka na ulicy" or Squidy vs. Paul. Tonight's commentator: Barry Petchesky. (Coming next week: a Deadspin Hall of Famer on a Hall of Fame Eastern European battle of wills.)

I'm slightly disappointed in the venue—from the Youtube title, I had assumed this would Polish and be full of tracksuited men with bowl cuts headbutting and biting each other, as the spectators squat in a circle. No one casually fights like the Slavs.

But we appear to be the Georgia woods—I spy a Vick jersey/jorts combo, and there's a Falcons cap that makes a brief cameo—and these are no amateurs. This is their fighting spot. Everyone who grows up near the woods has a spot for fighting/fucking/drinking. Noah shows up in his SUV at the 50-second mark, and you know they didn't need to give him precise directions. "Noah! Get your ass to The Spot! Squidy and Paul are throwing down!"

(I don't know which one Squidy is. I'm assuming he's the one in the green shirt, because Squidy is always the smallest one in his group. Squidy is always the first to take his shirt off. You don't really like Squidy, and wouldn't hang out with Squidy if you weren't in a group, but he's intensely loyal. He also hates the nickname Squidy, but pretends to like it. That's Squidy.)

Squidy vs. Paul is a really a referendum on styles. Squidy's all flash—he's got the reach advantage, and he's all flailing windmills and "come at me bro" shrugs and shirtlessness, because he's seen a lot of fights on YouTube. Paul's a plodder, but he's got substance. A clear bulk advantage means he's content to rarely go forward. He's eager to take the fight to the ground. Maybe he just gets winded easy.

And it's a stalemate! Shockingly, this scrap goes on for at least three-plus minutes of nearly uninterrupted fighting, with the momentum swinging back and forth. This is the type of action that makes a boxing audience leap to its feet for a standing O, and makes you realize why bloodsport exists.

Squidy bloodies Paul with his very first flurry, with, I believe, the right at 0:38. Unbowed, Paul ducks a haymaker at 1:01, and responds with a pair of crosses that put Squidy on his ass. At 1:39, Paul gets a hold of Squidy's t-shirt and pummels him with overhand blows—again, not flashy, but probably more effective than a nose-bloodying strike. Squidly wisely loses the t-shirt after that.

The final flurry is quality. Paul goes down to one knee at 3:20. You think he's done? He bludgeons Squidy 13 seconds later.

And then—the video ends. What the fuck, Georgia? I would never seek out a street fight video on my own, and here I was, completely and totally emotionally invested in this one. Squidy and Paul did themselves proud—each took hammer blows like champs, then gave as good as they got. But without knowing who won, the battle feels pointless. Is this not why man has thrown down since Australopithecus times? To declare one side objectively superior to the other at punching? I feel so empty without a resolution.

So! I choose to believe the video ended here because Squidy and Paul dropped their fists and shook hands, and were elected by popular decree to serve as the Twin Punch Guardians of the Georgia Woods Fight Spot, and there they reign today, just punching and punching whatever they see.

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