Tuesday Night Fights: Greetings From Fremont Street

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Las Vegas Fight Hilarious." Tonight's commentator: Me. (Coming next week: A Russian concrete pile-driver.)

Listen, I thought long and hard about using a landscape-shot battle for the first Tuesday Night Fights of the Kinja era. In the end, I decided against it. This, because I love me the people of Fremont Street. This, because they’re offensive even by Vegas standards. Allow me to explain.

One late morning in March several years ago, me and my boy Spree were the first to enter the Glitter Gulch. Now, I’ve seen some shit over 18 years of covering crime in South Carolina, Atlantic City and Philly. Some shit you don’t forget. But I’d never smelled anything as putrid as the nose-rape breeze inside the Gulch that morn.

It was death. Worse than floater-body death. Neither human nor animal.

It was Fremontian.

Cause: Eternally unknown.

We didn’t ask about it. Pleasantries ensued. The smell didn’t dissipate. Our caring about it did.

Fast forward a year. Same March Madness trip. Rather than four days in the lap of Bellagio luxury, we opted to work 48 hours in a Golden Nugget suite into the mix. Because the Nugget windows faced the Gulch. This is the type of people we are.

Cross-city voyage day arrives. Desert travel was rough that day.

Our Filipino friend – I don’t know, call him Casey’s Dragon – was not prepared to downgrade. He wandered the Bellagio floor. He had a handle of vodka in one hand and a warm Coors Light in the other.

One shoe was MIA.

All his credit and ATM cards were maxed out. After two days.

He was mumbling “I’m going to the pool. Where’s the pool?” We convinced him the pool was in a cab. The story, he bought. The driver’s Skittles, he stole.

We get to the Nugget. Casey’s Dragon disappears. (Later, we learn his broke-ass found the pool.)

The other four of us – me, Spree, Freddie and a bald biker – amble out onto Fremont. (Breaking chronology for a moment, this day would end magnificently. You can read all about that here.). We’re hungry. Fast-food felt like a better option that dirt-people carnival fare. The McDowell’s emblem drew us to the Plaza Hotel & Casino, I think it was called. Sausage McMuffins > $0.99 hot dogs. This is just fact in places where dignity goes to die, especially when you’re wrung out.

Anyway, this ferrety blonde blocks our path about 10 steps from the Main Street crosswalk. More toes than teeth kinda dame. Hollowed-out eyes that screamed you will not avoid interaction. We did not avoid interaction.

She might’ve asked for money. I don’t really remember that. What I think happened was she just rolled up on Freddie thick.

Freddie, mind you, had not been to Las Vegas before this trip. This is his first interaction with someone fully or sloppily clothed.

She scratched herself, tilted her head and opened her mouth.

“I’d tell you to fuck off,” she mewed, “but it’s not Tuesday.”

She was right. It was Monday. Four people laughed in her face. She scowled. She almost fell after taking three steps. That was all she would say. We went looking for her the next day. No luck. Pity.

Anyway, the second that this horribly-filmed Fremont experience crossed my screen, she’s who I thought of. Specifically, when the lady in lime-green pants’ smilesnarled while playfully bouncing bro’s head off Fremont concrete. I took this as proof that Miss Fuck Off may have twice bred and raised 'em off the grid.

Granted, we do not see what prompts bro there to make “the worst kind of fall you can have.” Nor do we know what’s “the worst kind of fight you can get in.” For fuck’s sake, we can’t even tell what that lady there wants back with a furious commitment to cause. Best guess is a DayGlo octopus toy.

What we do know is this: As Fremont’s ringmaster announces a very special treat is coming right up, bitchtits rallies to his dark-stocking’ed feet – beads draped around his precious neck – and says, then reiterates, “Fuck you” to lady foe. He follows up with a third Fuck You and then a doublefinger-bang not far from the aforementioned Gulch.

There are SO many questions left. That’s what Fremont Street is. And that's what Fremont Street should always be. No solutions can be found there. Questions don't deserve answers there either. There is no hope, only suspension of disbelief. If you have a problem with that, fuck off. Because there's no way that fight wasn't filmed on a Tuesday.


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