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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Philly fight on lippincott st: Precious n Neesh." Tonight's commentator: An active-duty Philadelphia police officer, who's returning to TNF. (Coming next week: TBA.)


The video opens with the two pugilists already locked in battle. The southpaw is landing Balboa-esque lefts and the fight is off to an incredible start.

Sadly, 15 seconds in, it goes the way of most girl fights and the hair grabbing begins.

Balboa takes head-scarf down at the 23-second mark and it's not looking like this fight will last much longer. While head-scarf is on her back, all I can think about is "How awful must it be to be laying the middle of such a disgusting street." It is at this point where I start to feel bad for head-scarf.

At the :50 mark Balboa tries the old "Drive your fucking forehead into the blacktop" move with no avail. Good thinking on her part, though.

A little after minute in, a street ref, who I assume is Richard Steele's daughter, steps in and does the right thing. However, both combatants refuse to let go of the others' hair.

It's annoying for a while and the gentleman videographer has it right when he states that he is wasting his film time.

Finally, we get separation. Both fighters return to their respective corners and a break is taken when a trash-picker comes down the block to pickup his wingman. (FYI: These are the guys who stole all of the copper out of your basement. Hope you got the license plate number.)

Balboa throws on a hoodie to stay warm. Veteran move.

Meanwhile, her opponent has the scarf off and looks to be a hot mess. A cut-man in her corner would be ideal here. Maybe one with shears like Brutus Beefcake had to cut that hair off. My sympathy for this girl is growing.

Obligatory World Star reference: the Drudge Report of the 'hood.

And we are back to action a little after the four minute mark.

Balboa is back to her old tricks and goes right for the hair. Now would be a good time for the Ric Flair thumb-to-the-eye. The fighter formerly known as head-scarf does one better and gives Balboa some of her own medicine. I would have preferred some harder punches to Balboa's face, but I am content with the effort.

Sadly, Richard Steele's spawn steps between and shows her bias for Balboa.

Like father, like Daughter.

The fight is over.

Looks to me like Steele stopped it because Balboa was not defending herself. Soooo.....winner by TKO and NEEEEEWWWWWW Lippincott Street champion.....Head-Scarf!!!!

Suck it Balboa.

Also, great to see the lighting-fast response by the cops. Keep up the good work guys!


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