Tuesday Night Fights: Lax Bruhs Are So Super Hardcore, They Brawl With Helmets And Gloves Still On

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Lax locker boxing (1)

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Lax Locker Boxing." Tonight's commentator: Deadspin bro Dom Cosentino. (Coming next week: TBA.)

K, bruh. We got our gloves and our helmets on, which is totally badass. We can, like, hit each other as hard as we fuckin' WANT, bro. It's gonna be so rad, bro. And check this, check this. We can film that shit on our phones and put that shit on YouTube, bro. It'll be, like, our own fuckin' fight club, bro.

Watch, now. Ready, bro? First round, no chillaxin. I mean, Wellington and Colby go right at it, bro. They both get in a couple of gnarly whacks after they get hold of one another's jerseys, and before long Wellington gets the best of Colby at the end of the round.

Colby lands a fucking great shot pretty early on in round two, but—SHIT. I think I'm losing battery on my phone and I left the charger in my mom's Range Rover 'cause I was so running late this morning. Colby wins this round, but—yo bro!—check out that wicked right Wellington lands in round three. Good thing someone stepped in to stop that shit because it would, like, totally suck if one of these dudes really got hurt, you know, bro? Yeah bro. Bro.

Next up arre Roland and Nils. I mean, Nils, makes a pretty sweet grab for Roland's helmet, but there weren't any real solid punches landed, you know, bro?

Last but not least are Parrish and Beckett. I think Beckett lands a fuckin' good shot there, since it looks like Parrish went down, but it might have been one of those phantom jobs, you know, bro? Before long, Beckett just kinda toys with Parrish, making him miss and just duckin' and shit. That's how lax bros, throw down, you know, bro?

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