• Скажи дяде! (нн, немедленно)

• When street fights turn into attempted manslaughters. (SoV, instantly)

• Oh, just a bunch of ladies fighting in traffic. (SoV, instantly)

• WORLDSTAR! (SoV, 0:26)

• From the Zero Dark Thirty Outtake Reel:


• Per the American hero who uploaded this D.C. HS street fight, "This is wut happen wen people hear Allready Gang." Don't want to get into the middle of something from afar, but I suspect these issues were boiling over well be4 the Allready Gang got on tha aural sceen. (SoV, instantly)


• Klitschko! (SoV, eh, watch it all)

• Scrappin' of tha Strip till the law shows up on the Bally's side of the Caesars/Bellagio overpass. (SoV, 0:04)


• The Fanta Fight/Russian Bro-ciological Study Mashup:


• From the 215, where we shoot first, check out the Sixers standings later: "Watch Steve From North Philly Attempt To Kill His Street-Fight Foe." No, seriously. This might actually be a snuff film (SoV, instantly). Bonus Coverage: Poorly shot "unfair fight black vs puertorican philly." Bonus Coverage II: "North Philly fight." Bonus Coverage III: Oh yeah, Miley Cyrus' boyfriend got in a fight in the city's Douche Quadrant last weekend. Bonus Coverage IV: "There Was A Lady Fight In The Lower Level Seats At Last Night's Eagles Game."


• In this week's Russian/Eastern European/Whateverian gang brawl, matching tops are sported to differentiate between friend and foe. (SoV, instantly)

• The dude with a popped collar really never had a chance on Sutton high street, my chaps. (SoV, 0:38)


• Your Shut-A-Drunk-Asshole-Up Instruction Manual:

How To Shut A Drunk Asshole Up

• This here footage chronicles the time a jorted bully was felled. The anti-jort community won't soon forget it. (SoV, 0:19)


• They brawl. They bleed. They hug. Bros 4 Lyfe. (SoV, 0:03)

• Others: "Sexy Girls Big Fight on Street." "Epic fight in the subway" (Start at the 2:40 mark). "Idiot takes out woman in McDonalds." "Girl mass brawl in the school Cafeteria." "All girl brawl in front of a mall!!!" "Shocking CCTV shows VIOLENT Fight between rival gangs terrifies partygoers." "fight after school in germany."


• The "Now We Know Why Women Take So Long In The Bathroom, Amirite" Coda:

2 females fighting hard in bathroom