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Tuesday Night Fights: Philly Stripper Ogles Exotic-Dancer Brouhaha, Assesses Blame

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: the since-deleted "Strippers Fight Over A Dollar." Tonight's commentator: Anna, dancer at Penthouse Club Philly and aspiring Eagles columnist and Flyers fan who just bought her first set of ice-hockey gear. (Coming next week: An elevator brawl).

I see this happen all the time. Girls fight over whose customer is whose and it's usually much more subtle than that, in the dressing room, not on the floor.

Here, it's pretty obvious the dancer who comes over is a bitch. She can see the other dancer is working the guy, why come over? He probably just gave her go-away money but still, it's pretty cunty to walk up to another dancer's guy and basically take money away from her.

If this was the first time, it's an over-reaction, but it's probably something that happens all the time between the two girls, and we got a great internet video to watch because of it.

You can tell it's not her first time, she knows to take her shoes off when she came back. I especially like the customer on the left who got his camera out to take a video, which was probably deleted by security later.

And now the rest of the Tuesday Night Fights:

• This is what happens when you put nightclubs, parking garages and people in the Boston "Theater" District. (Start of Violence, 0:04)


• Here's a very troubling example of parents standing idly by while their four-ish-year-old kids fight, but that troubling side is tamped down by some fancy stepping by one of the pint-sized pugilists at fight's end. Still, though, this probably warrants a child-protective-services call. (SoV, instantly)

• Super Bowl Sunday. Atlantic City. Harrah's, to be exact. Cue, wilding. (SoV, instantly)


• Jaide wins. Jaide wins. Jaide. Wins. (SoV, 1:35)

• The Hole Mole, Taco-Related, Long Beach Bro-Brawl Intermezzo:

• NINJA TIGER! (SoV, 0:10)

• Much respect to whomever recorded this "street fight" on a grass field, for it emulates all that aspiring fight videographer should aspire to be. (SoV, 0:09)


• "There ain't no blood. You wanna know why? Fuckin' Miami, bitch!" Proud, Hemingway would have been proud. (SoV, 0:46)

• Hey look, it's Newcastle United defender Danny Simpson with blood "coming out of his mouth" after apparently getting dropped in Manchester. (SoV, aftermath)


• The Battlin' Rangers Fans Outside MSG Post-Game Report (Courtesy of witness Mike R.) :

• This lady in a white Mercedes does not like being street-shamed about double parking on Russian streets. (SoV, 1:33; she's on film from 0:58-2:27)


• Dominican political parties work out their differences, apparently. (SoV, 0:07)

• Ayo, they wildin' in the Seattle burbs. (SoV, instantly; with a Part 2)


• The "to fat guys sumo fight Jared vs Bryce" Intermission Report:

• In battles from the 215 vicinity, it seems as if the Northeast High step-team has some unit-cohesion issues to mend (SoV, instantly). Bonus Coverage: If the rent sign behind our two battlers here, this fight takes place on the street in one of Philadelphia's outlying suburbs to the west, north or south, but not the east, because Jersey ain't got no use for the 610 area code (SoV, 0:33). Bonus Coverage II: "Philly fight(mon hits girl with shoe)" (SoV, 0:46). Bonus Coverage III: Moar North Philly street fights, please (SoV, 0:10). Bonus Coverage IV: The scene, a K-8 school in West Philly (SoV, instantly). Bonus Coverage V: "The Time Someone Yelled ‘Worldstar' While Taping A ‘North Philly Bum Fight'" (SoV, instantly).


• TNF Beijing Correspondent Anthony Tao asks "What are the repercussions for a home crowd in which dozens of men jump from the stands to assault a referee?" (SoV, instantly).

• Yuba City High School, represent! (SoV, 0:02)

• Pfft. Whatever. We're just a couple of bros rolling around on a Denver sidewalk. No homo. (SoV, 0:02)


• The Battle Outside The Cleveland "Food Center" Live Look-In (With Police Intervention!):

• Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lucky Strike Bar and Casino parking lot in Missoula, Montana, where drunk guys "try to fight" and, as YouTuber Tyrone Jim notes, a "white guy gets bitch slapped... By a black dude... LMFAO..." (SoV, 1:56)


• These ladies can throw. (SoV, 0:40)

• So can at least one of these. We've seen so many flying weaves, I'm not sure if this is among'em. But whatever. (SoV, instantly)


• Others: "Of Pingdingshan benefits market 500 people brawl." "Bar fight 3 dudes get destroyed." "Nightclub brawl involves NFL player, club owner." "ONE HITTER QUITER (STREET FIGHT)." "Stupid young thugs having a brawl fight at Fulton Mall." "New 2 girls fight in a bar flv." "Ghetto Southfield HIgh Girl Fight." "Middletown NY Street Fight." "Fight." "DC Nights Part 4: White Boys Bangin' It Out On U Street."

• Your Dirt-Alley Foreign-Relations Coda:

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