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Tuesday Night Fights: Polish Street-Rasslin' Leaves The Masked Man With More Questions Than Answers

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "NEW 2013 Hardcore Nuts Crazy Drunk Polish Guys Fight on the Street Wrestling." Tonight's commentator: Deadspin's Dead Wrestler of the Week Associate The Masked Man (with an afterthought from Chikara Wrestling's "Director of Fun"). Coming next week: A stripper reviews a stripper brawl.


This video fills me with so many questions.

Who, for example, is that woman? Why is she looking at the camera instead of the fight? Are fights so much more common than cameras in this Polish backwater? Are pipes rarer than either one? If not, why on earth is the pipe here so important to this young man — we'll call him Piotr — so important that he risks life and limb repeatedly? Am I crazy or was that a textbook triangle choke out of a side headlock? Where does the pipe go after the guy in camo hoodie takes it? What affliction does young Piotr have that his mouth foams so? Why, for the love of Dażbóg, does the pipe mean so much to him that he attacks the bicycle? How does he miss that coke bottle? Does the Coke bottle have magical properties? Why is nothing open? Seriously, can you explain to me why the bakery is closed, or the bank? Is this a Polish national holiday? Is this how Poles celebrate? By getting drunk and leaning against closed shops and watching idiots fight terribly? Is this any way to express your national pride?

Is Piotr tightening his Tevas because he thinks it will help him fight better or just for comfort's sake? Is spitting at someone the most universal symbol of disdain? Did Piotr target that guy that he punched because he was the only other guy out there in sandals? Is the guy in the camo hoodie actually drinking the same Coke bottle that Piotr winged across the street? Wait, was that him at 1:40 crossing in front of the camera specifically to pick it up and drink it? Was this always about the soda for him?

Wait, is the crotch grab the most universal symbol of disdain? Just how drunk is Piotr? Why is this no big deal to anybody there? Why must one be in a headlock to give a single fuck about anything? Is this a commentary on the human condition? Are we all doomed to face the perils of isolation? Wait, wait, is this Polish Independence Day? Is that the metaphor? Am I close at all? Oh well, happy Dzień Niepodległości everybody.


In addition to The Masked Man, Chikara Wrestling Director Wink Vavasseur also weighed in with a few thoughts. Coming next week, a stripper breaks down a stripper fight.

Well, the bike had it coming, didn't it? This drew the 2nd biggest crowd in the history of Polish MMA.

Interesting to see the placement of the headscissors here, and the grapevine, and then the patented hold-them-immobile-and-pinch-their-windpipe, which was popularized by The Undertaker during that Leslie Nielsen business years back.

The work is more miss than hit, and the booking is puzzling. Even without having been there or speaking Polish or finishing out the exhausting 2:34 playing time, we feel pretty certain this can only be awarded 1 and 2/3 stars.

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