Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: Hall of Fame battle video "Ultimate Street Fight Kumanovo, Macedonia." Tonight's commentator: founding editor of Deadspin and senior writer at Sports on Earth Will Leitch. (Coming next week: noted street artist Steve "ESPO" Powers.)

I do not speak Macedonian, so I do not know what any of the bystanders are saying in this fight video. I can only guess.

Man One is the fellow screaming from the “sidelines,” the one in the white shirt holding the phone at the :19 mark. Man Two is the man “holding” the camera.

Man One:
And here it is time for the fight! I am very excited about this fight, because these are two men wearing two very handsome shirts that are very valuable and should thusly be protected.

Man Two: I will celebrate your last remark by being inexplicably incapable of holding an iPhone in front of my face for longer than two seconds. I also enjoy the handsome shirts.

Man One:
That was an impressive succession of lefts from that bald man to the head of the other bald man.

Man Two: Indeed!

Man One: There is something so helpless about his predicament, so alone, so … well, honestly, it’s all about your perception.

Man Two: How’s that?

Man One: Well, is this really all that necessary?

Man Two: I would argue that it is.

Man One: But this is the limit of your vision. Kant wrote that a categorical imperative would be one that represented as action as objectively necessary in itself, without reference to any purpose.

Man Two: But this is an act by the man himself for the man himself. He strikes so that he is not struck.

Man One: Yes, but, and I’m paraphrasing Kant again here, both intuition and concepts constitute our knowledge base in totality. One cannot yield knowledge having just one. He knows what he must do. The question is one of that his understanding as to why.

Man Two: But again, the level of free will is the central issue here. You are claiming that –

Man One: Hey, you’re moving the camera off of them again. I told you I could do this myself. Why do we need two people filming this anyway?

Man Two: Oh, fuck you and your perpetual peace.


Man Two: All right, now that’s a shot right there. Popped him right in the fuckin’ mouth. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Man One: So, there you go again, with your egocentric, ethnophallic emphasis on the “self.” David Hume definitively proved that there is no such thing as a permanent self, that we are simply a collection of our passions. Reason doesn’t factor into it at all. He may wreck himself, but I assure you, his self will never be checked.

Man Two: Oooh, look, his pants are falling down.

Man One: EPIC. FAIL.


Man One: Wow, that was great. I’m glad we did this.

Man Two: Me too. This has been a fulfilling experience in every possible way. A puckish satire that tickles both the heart and the head.

Man One: I’d really love some fuckin’ Sizzler right now.

Man Two: We’re Macedonian. We don’t have the Sizzler here. Can I interest you in some hard sheep’s milk cheese from the Sar Mountains?

Man One: Oh, how delightfully droll.

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