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Illustration for article titled Tulane Defensive End Can Eat An Entire Apple In 90 Seconds

There aren’t many reasons for someone to tune into a Friday night college football broadcast of Memphis vs. Tulane, but thankfully the crew at ESPN2 understand this and try to spice things up in the lulls between plays. In a segment called “Hidden Talents,” the broadcast team showed an amazing video of Tulane defensive end Robert Kennedy consuming an entire apple, core and all, in 90 seconds.


Kennedy’s feat was not only magnified because he was put up against a 345-pound defensive tackle doing a backflip as someone with equal talent, it’s also because he’s accomplishing something that’s (maybe) not even recommended for horses, the known apple-lovers of the animal kingdom. The redshirt senior finished the game with three tackles, including one for a loss, a 40-24 win over Memphis and newfound social exposure. Not a bad Friday.

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