Wisconsin's Nose Tackle Is Doing Backflips In The Sand Like It's Nothing

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Olive Sagapolu is a senior nose tackle for Wisconsin. Playing that particular position, especially in the Big Ten, means the American Samoa native has to be a hefty lad—according to the Badgers, he clocks in at 336 pounds. Now, with that information and the above photo of him enveloping poor Max Bortenschlager in mind, please enjoy the following video of the very large man doing a fucking standing backflip in the sand.

But he was going downhill...but the sand makes the landing easier...” you might feel pressed to counter. “Are we watching the same video, you turd,” I would counter-counter.


This isn’t Sagapolu’s first flip—last spring, when he weighed 348 pounds, he pulled off the following stunt, this time with the help of some sponge mats, which still don’t seem springy enough to allow this man to do this:


If the college football gods are kind and just, they’ll allow Sagapolu to return a fumble for a touchdown this coming season and give the college football world the greatest unsportsmanlike conduct penalty it’s ever seen.