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TV Station Comps Lenny Dykstra $2,500 In Food And Jewels After He Compares Himself To Gandhi

Lenny Dykstra's coat-tailing of Charlie Sheen has almost become as annoying as everything else Sheen (after a very good run, though). But the aftermath of Nails's wholly impressive interview with the NBC affiliate in Philly the other night continues resonating beyond his choice words about winning (and living in Macy Gray's old house, mind you), Mitch Williams and victorious sobriety.

It seems as if the right to air Dykstra's canned responses to fellatio and very astute self-comparison to "that Indian dude, um, uh" Gandhi don't come for free. Per today's Philadelphia Daily News:

On Monday we told you that Dykstra and a hot blonde were comped a meal at The Palm (200 S. Broad) where NBC10 sends its "Sports Final" guests for dinner. We've since learned that the bankrupt former Phillies star, in town for a sports-card show, also picked up an $1,800 diamond bracelet for his ladyfriend at Steven Singer Jewelers (8th & Walnut), which also has a trade arrangement with NBC10.


If you watch/have watched the videos, you realize he got jobbed on the barter, right?

Anyway, he also fortells of a pending assassination attempt so enjoy him while you still can, America.


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