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Twitter Prankster Fools Sky Sports Into Reading Made Up Facts About Team From Gibraltar

Photo credit: Marcos Moreno/AP Images

Yesterday afternoon, Celtic lost a 1-0 stunner in Champions League qualifying to the Lincoln Red Imps, who are a semi-professional team from Gibraltar. A police officer scored the lone goal, and Celtic now have to win at home to avoid getting bounced by the best team from a country of 30,000.


Despite Brendan Rodgers insisting that he was not embarrassed by the defeat, the loss was shocking. Lincoln Red Imps fielded a team full of amateurs, and their country was so thrilled with the win that the government officially congratulated them.

This sort of upset lends itself to hyperbole, and news organizations hunted for any information they could find about the Red Imps. It is, however, not true that the Red Imps can’t use their pitch on Tuesdays because the local metal detecting society or that their games get an average attendance of 28, as Sky Sports anchor Mike Wedderburn erroneously asserted this morning.


Those two fake facts come from Twitter user @WeahsCousin, who posted them shortly after the victory yesterday, and is apparently where Sky Sports got their information from.




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