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In Chicago, either a stabbing or a shooting (details are still sketchy) at Simeon vs. Morgan Park High School; in Naples, Florida, players from Immokalee went into the stands to deal with some persistent hecklers after a loss to Naples High.


The video above is of the Immokalee incident, wherein, according,

Emotions spilled over for Immokalee as the final horn sounded. As teams prepared to line up to shake hands, several Indians coaches and players jumped the fence behind their sideline and rushed into the visitors stands in response to being heckled by their own fans.

A different type of fracas broke out in Chicago at roughly the same time:

From the press box, everything seemed normal, with both sides totally into the game, before the melee began.

Suddenly a wave of fans on the Morgan Park sidelines started running out of the stands, apparently trying to get out of the stands as fast as possible.

The commotion quickly caught the attention of the game's officials, who stopped play as players from both teams sprinted for the sidelines.

Someone in the press box ordered the lights to be put out during the melee, and a person could be heard yelling: "Get down, get down - shots, get down, shots."

Police could not immediately confirm if shots actually were fired.

One person with a stab wound was taken to a local hospital. They're replaying the game tomorrow. Simeon is the same high school future 30-For-30 subject Ben Wilson attended when he was shot and killed in 1984. The lesson, as always, is that if you're going to go to a high school football game, keep your head down and for God's sake, don't go around yelling at people.


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