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Illustration for article titled Two Men Caught Trying To Steal Ivy From Wrigley Field

It was the perfect heist: Go to Wrigley Field late at night, squeeze through the metal security bars, go through a window and snag some of the famed ivy from the outfield walls. They just forgot about the cameras, security and police.


Pennsylvania men Kevin Burge and Steven Gudknecht were charged with misdemeanor trespassing early Sunday morning after Mission: Wrigley Ivy went awry. Burge and Gudknecht were spotted by cameras while entering the stadium; team security called the cops, and when the police arrived, Burge and Gudknecht were found on the field, trying to get that sweet, sweet ivy.

The Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan imitators have a Sept. 26 court date.

[Chicago Tribune]

Photo: David Banks/Getty Images

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