Two University of Nebraska Wrestlers Featured In Gay Photo Shoot Sans Tights

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Uh oh. The two wrestlers, Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan, are pictured nude on a gay p0rn site, Donahoe was a national champion in the 125 pound weight class in 2007. He finished third last year. Jordan is a junior. Now the Univeristy of Nebraska is investigating. And you thought trying to find out whether Lawrence Phillips threw his ex-girlfriend down a flight of stairs was awkward. Does the NCAA have a specific rule prohibiting gay p0rno shoots?

The pictures were initially posted online by The Scarlet Project—a gossip and scandal site focusing on Nebraska. (Don't click on this at work unless you want to be blinded and fired.) Now you might find yourself asking what's Maybe the whole gay porn thing is just exaggerated. Not so much. here's their advertising slogan:

"Our Models are all young, hot, athletic men in solo action, most of whom are exclusive to our site, so you won't suffer from, the ‘Been There, Seen Him' syndrome. We take great care to make sure our models are stunning and our content is of the highest quality … no grainy video with bad sound and static shots of a guy on a couch watching p0rn."


Below, in the links are the extremely — extremely — not safe for work photos pulled by Fleshbot. Only click if your curiosity gets the best of you. No, those aren't ears of corn.

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